This year taught me that from bad times, we can still have great progress (in some aspects of our lives) and with baby-steps we can go further than we imagine!

My background

I am an app/site developer and I am always trying to improve my professional (Hard skills) and my Soft skills (emotional intelligence, communication, be a good team worker…). Due to COVID, I had to work only from home.
That opened my mind to new opportunities and ways of living, these thoughts are things I wish to explore in this article. …

React / React Native techniques to have smaller components

Have you ever had trouble with big components that have too many responsibilities? Well, so did I. That's why I'm sharing what I have learned with my experience.

There are 6 ways (explored in this article) to achieve the decoupling. Each of them have their pros and cons. And we should not try to apply one technique for all scenarios.

  1. Classes
  2. Container Components
  3. Hight Order Components
  4. Redux + Middlewares (Context API is also a good choice for small projects/functions)
  5. Custom Hooks
  6. Render Props

Study case

Imagine we have a software that have only…

Why should we care about clean code?

The main reason to care about clean code is due to the developer team's speed to maintain and deliver more functionalities in an existing project. It's not just about aesthetics, the people involved in the project will have more ease and less stress to work on it.

Roadmap to achieve a cleaner code:

  • The boy scout rule
  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Comments
  • Formatting
  • Unit Tests
  • Refactoring


One thing all developers should perceive is that they are writting not only for machines to interpret their code, but for humans either. It's important because not only…

Daniel Kiesshau

Javascript Developer, enthusiasts of investments and entrepreneurship

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